Happy Mother's Day


At your request, the card (pictured above) can be mailed to someone you love.

Mother’s Day is a cherished tradition in the United States. Every May, we shower our mothers with flowers, chocolates, and compliments. But, did you know that this holiday has origins in the ancient Christian festival of Mothering Sunday?

This celebration fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent, when people who worked away from home would return to their “mother church” for a special service. Over time, this custom merged with our modern American version of Mother’s Day..

In Ethiopia Mother’s Day is celebrated at the end of the rainy season – usually October or November. During the three-day festival of Antrosht, which is dedicated to mothers, families come together to sing and feast. Daughters traditionally bring vegetables, butter, spices and cheese, while the sons bring meat of lamb or bull.

In Mexico, Día de las Madres always falls on May 10. The day is filled with music, food, flowers and celebrations. Mariachi singers often begin the day with a morning serenade of “La Mañanitas.”

It seems that in every corner of the world, people set aside time each year to honor their mothers. As you celebrate the mothers in your life this year on May 9, think about all the times she has cared for and lifted you up. Flowers and food are a lovely way to recognize your mom, but why not add something else to the celebration?

The Comboni Missionaries wish to offer the gift of prayer. Simply fill out the form and we will celebrate these extraordinary women in a mass. If your mother is already in Heaven, allow us to pray in thanksgiving for her life on earth.

We invite you to join us as we pray for all mothers. Together, may our prayers bring love and joy to you and your family.

In God’s Peace and protection of Our Lady of Fatima honored on May 13,

Fr. Ruffino Ezama, mccj

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