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Video Editing - Combine All Searches Into One Video

SKU: $24.99

Pay for the ADDITIONAL EDITING to have all the videos you ALREADY BOUGHT from a single trial edited and combined into 1 video.

This is an add-on product - meaning, you must FIRST BUY THE INDIVIDUAL VIDEOS OF YOUR INDIVIDUAL SEARCHES (either Premium or Standard), and then ALSO ADD THIS PRODUCT TO YOUR SHOPPING CART. All the videos of your individual searches you bought will then be edited together and combined into one final video.

For example, if you wanted videos of all your searches from your NW1 trial: you'd have the videos for the 4 separate searches in your shopping cart plus this product (so 5 separate items total in your shopping cart). And then you'd receive individual videos of all the individual searches that you bought PLUS you'd receive one video with all of them edited together and combined into one video.

Click on the below links for example videos:
1. Click here to see all PREMIUM videos from a competitor's NW2 trial combined into 1 video
2. Click here to see all STANDARD videos from the same competitor's NW2 trial combined into 1 video


1. Multiple Camera Angles and Standard Video: If you bought Standard videos from a trial, you would need to let us know which camera angle you'd like us to use in the final video for each search where multiple camera angles were filmed. For example, we typically film 2 or 3 camera angles for Vehicle searches, so you'd need to specify in the comment box during check-out which camera angle to use for the Vehicle search in the final combination video. To instead get multiple camera angles edited together for searches where multiple camera angles were filmed, you'd need to upgrade to Premium video. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR PREFERENCE, WE WILL CHOOSE THE CAMERA ANGLE THAT BEST SHOWS THE HIDE PLACEMENT FOR EACH SEARCH WHERE MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLES WERE FILMED.

2. Order of Videos: If you want your videos to be in a particular order (i.e., Interiors first, followed by Vehicles, then Exterior, etc), please specify the exact order in the Comment box during Check-out. Otherwise, the fastest search will be first, followed by the second fastest search, etc.

3. Excluding Some Searches: If you want only some of the videos from your trial combined into 1 video, let us know which specific searches to include and which ones to exclude. For example, you want all the searches included except your Container search. Provide this information in the Comment box during the Check-Out process.

4. Upgrading from Standard to Premium: If you bought Standard videos from your trial, and later decide you want Premium edited videos instead, click here to learn how to upgrade to Premium.