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NW2 Trial - Standard Video of ONE SEARCH

SKU: $18.98


The above listed price is for video of 1 search only. Multiple camera angles are included in the price for each search.

Add ONE SEPARATE NW Video product to your cart FOR EACH SEARCH you want to buy. Select the Search Number, then select the Trial Location FOR EACH VIDEO PRODUCT in your Shopping Cart. So, if you are buying video of 3 Searches, you should have 3 SEPARATE video-products in your shopping cart.

For example if you want to buy video of Interior Search #1, Vehicle, and Container searches:
(1) Select Interior Search #1 from its dropdown menu, then select the Trial Location from its dropdown menu.
(2) Quantity should be "1" since you're buying video of only that one specific search
(3) Click the "Add To Cart" button
(4) You will automatically be re-directed back to the same product page where you can then repeat Steps 1 through 4 for the remaining searches you'd like to buy. (i.e., select Vehicle Search from it's dropdown menu, select Trial Location, Quantity of 1, Add To Cart, repeat)
(5) When finished adding all 3 searches to your cart, click on the Shopping Cart icon to review your order. You should have 3 separate video products (3 separate line items) in your cart. Either Checkout, or click on a category in the "Shop By Category" section to buy video from another trial.