Yelling, Threatening, Putting Down: What To Do Instead DVD

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This award-winning 35-minute DVD-based program features a multi-ethnic quartet of families and provides parents with an array of practical ways of bringing greater peace and harmony into their homes. Included are many of the parenting skills and strategies from the New Confident Parenting Program and a Discussion Guide.

When it is used as part of the New Confident Parenting Program, the Parent's Handbook and the Instructional Charts are also to be utilized to form a multi-media teaching tool.

Here is a more complete description of this DVD which can also be used as its own stand alone parenting program:

An attention-seeking toddler runs back and forth in front of a television screen as a tired father attempts to get away from it all by watching a basketball game.

An angry preschooler starts throwing her blocks all over the room when the tower she is building collapses.

A seven-year-olds whining demands for a candy bar makes a trip to the market an annoying and corrosive journey.

And a brother and a sister just can't solve their own problems and explode into fighting in front of a parent who is working at home.

These are the common child rearing problems that are depicted. When a parent loses his or her cool and begins yelling, threatening or putting the children down, the narrator stops a particular scene and asks the audience what they might do instead? After everyone has shared how they would manage the situation differently, the DVD is started again to see solutions that have been recommended by a panel of parenting experts.

Each of these alternatives is explained in terms of why they are more likely to be effective and each is enacted by the families from the original scenes. Thus, parents are not only provided with much expert advice and guidance. They also see the advice in action, making it easier for them to understand and apply.

Some of the solutions are reflective of such Confidant Parenting skills and strategies as The Thinking Parent’s Approach in terms of what to think about before and after you act, and The Family Rules Are Like a Coin Approach so parents can see how they can avoid difficult situations by spending more of their time on attending to the “do side” of the family rules. The effective praising and mild social disapproval skills are also enacted several times.