The New Power of Positive Parenting Book

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Written by Dr. Alvy, this easy-to-read guidebook brings to parents 16 standards against which they can evaluate and improve how they are raising their children. The guidelines address numerous child rearing challenges and issues, and they are based on the latest research on effective parenting and upon the recommendations of parenting authorities.

The guidebook includes numerous practical examples of how best to relate to children of all ages and how to build a relationship where children are supported in reaching their full potential.

The guidelines address matters such as how best to express love and appreciation, how to set family rules, how to avoid using physical punishment and other destructive practices. Also addressed are how to manage children's use of technology and the media, and how to keep them off drugs. The parenting skills that are taught are from a variety of modern parenting programs, including Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.), Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP), The New Confident Parenting Program, the Effective Black Parenting Program, and the Los Ninos Bien Educados Program.

Interviews with parents who have read the guidebook indicate that they were engaging or not engaging in the following behaviors and activities:

• Kissing and hugging children more often.

• Yelling at them less.

• Spanking less, if not stopping spanking altogether.

• Reminding their children more often about family rules.

• Praising good behavior more often.

• Looking at and praising their children's art and writing more often.

• Giving instructions in a clear and firm voice more often.

• Reading to their children more often and telling them stories.

• Getting books or visiting the library to learn about different cultures.

• Learning more about parenting and child development.

• Taking parenting classes to become better parents.

• Getting more rest, relaxation and exercise for themselves.


• "It gave me perfect guidelines for raising my children to be healthy and confident."

• "It helped me to realize what I am doing wrong and what I am doing right."

• "It made me realize that children are a reflection of what they see at home."

• "it explains and then gives examples! Easy to read with steps and guides to each problem."

• "Great ideas! Great book to guide you. Short and concise."

• "Everyone should have one in their house!"

The vast majority of parents who were interviewed several months after having received the guidebook commented that they were seeing many positive changes in their children's behavior and feelings as a result of their using what they learned from the book.