Effective Black Parenting Program Updated Instructor's Manual

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Table of Contents:

Introduction and Acknowledgments Chapter, containing all of the 2019 updated Issues

Session 1 The Path to the Pyramid of Success for Black Children

Session 2 Social Learning Theory Ideas -- Describing and Counting Child Behaviors

Session 3 The Street to Destruction, The Effective Praise Method, The Extended Black Family

Session 4 Disciplining: Traditional and Modern

Session 5 Family Rules Are Like a Coin, An Introduction to Drugs and the Pyramid

Session 6 Family Rules and Children's Developing Abilities

Session 7 The Thinking Parent's Approach

Session 8 Reasons for Not Using Corporal Punishment, The Mild Social Disapproval Method

Session 9 The Ignoring Method, Single Parenting

Session 10 The Time Out Method

Session 11 The Point System Method

Session 12 Parts 2-4: Drugs and Our Children

Session 13 Chit-Chat Time

Session 14 Pride in Blackness, Program Review

Additional Tips for Instructors