Effective Black Parenting Instructor Training Virtual Workshop with DC Children's Trust Fund - June 14-18, 2021

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This is to Enroll in the 5-day, professionally-led, Effective Black Parenting Instructor Training Virtual Workshop - DC Children's Trust Fund - June 14-18, 2021

Here are two illuminating comments of parents who have just completed a class in the Effective Black Parenting Program:

Parent #1: "Let me tell about what the program has meant to me. When I first entered the program I was at my whit's end. As some would say, the program was like an answer to a distress signal. One thing that really hit me kinda close to home was the fact that I was raising my children under a form of slavery. Not as harsh as my fore-parents but still a form of slavery. I say this because before entering the program I used to dare my children to do something. I used to whip them for practically everything they did that I thought they shouldn't have done. They were growing up fearing me.

I never gave them a chance to express themselves. It was always, 'shut up. I'm the mother, you're the child. What I say goes, and that's that." But what I've come to realize is that children have ideas and opinions too, and they need to express them.

If we as parents don't give our children the opportunity to voice their opinions and express themselves to us, how in the world can we expect them to express themselves to the real world and get that good job that we hope that someday they will get. I've always known what I wanted out of life for my children and they are basically the same as the life goals that we learned about in the program, such as a good job, a good education, pride in Blackness, loving relationships with family as well as others, to be able to resist street pressures, and to have high self-esteem. However, before entering the program my methods for teaching them how to obtain these goals were all wrong. Before I always had to put fear in them to keep them in line with these goals.

But I have learned that there are other methods that we can use, such as the praise method. I have used it and I am proud to say that it really works. I found that my children like to be praised for what they do. It builds up their self-esteem. They really feel good about themselves and they work that much harder to change whatever behaviors that I disapprove of. The program really helped me and my family!

Parent #2: "The class helped me learn about the standards that my parents passed down and helped me understand myself better. It helped me understand my feelings about being Black. It gave me so many things I can do with my children. We can laugh, we can play, we can do all of this without having to say shut up or get out of my face. My world of parenting has been opened to a new horizon. I'm a better mother and a better friend to my children."


(1) the entire 5-day Virtual training led by CICC's Trainer-of-Instructors in this national model program, Ruth Rich,

(2) the complete updated instructors Kit of educational materials that are needed to run 15 session classes in the program (valued at $485.00 itself), and

(3) Certification to conduct classes.