2019 Los Niños Bien Educados Instructor Training Workshop

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Here are some of the reflections of parents who have just completed a 12 session class in CICC's Los Niños Bien Educados Program for parents of Latino children:

"I learned to educate my child without spanking him."

"She obeys me more and is doing better in school."

"I learned how to talk to my children without getting mad."

"Before she was a very disobedient child and I used to punish her but now when she doesn't obey me I tell her I do not like that. And I make sure to tell her how much I like it when she follows my directions."

All of these parents have learned non-violent and effective ways of responding to their children when they are acting improperly ("mal educados"). And they have learned to pay careful and positive attention when their children are behaving properly ("bien educados").

They have learned to be more patient by using the program's Thinking Parent's Approach ("Think before you act/Think after you act"). They have learned that their expectations about their children's behaviors are like a coin with both a "do-side" about proper behavior, and "don't side" regarding improper behavior. For example, "We do speak to Grandma in a polite manner"/ "We do not yell or insult Grandma."

They have also learned an array of positive skills to use to promote "do-side" child behaviors and several non-violent skills to employ with "don't side" child actions.

All of these skills and parenting strategies are learned while using the poetic sayings (dichos) of their people and thereby reinforcing pride in heritage.

You and your organization can learn how to achieve these results with the parents you and your colleagues work with. The 5-day, professionally-led workshop to learn how to deliver CICC's Los Niños Bien Educados Program is the best way to learn how to get these results.

Workshop Location and Hosting

For the first time in several years -- and after already having trained more than 1000 educators, social workers, therapists and clergy nationwide to deliver the program -- CICC will be conducting a new workshop the week of August 5-9, 2019. The workshop will be hosted by and located at El Proyecto del Barrio, in Panorama City, California. El Proyecto has been running the program for a decade.

Enrollment Fee

The regular fee for the entire week of training, 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, is $1795 per person.


(1) the daily training led by CICC's Senior Trainer-of-Instructors in this national model program, Dr. Martha Lopez,

(2) the complete instructors Kit of educational materials that are needed to run 12 session classes in the program (valued at over $400 itself), and

(3) Certification to conduct classes.

Each person that is enrolled in this Workshop needs to have an Enrollee Information Form completed. To obtain as many Forms as needed, click here.