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24/7 On-Demand Support (Callout and 1st Hour)

SKU: $25.00
Aside from recurring, customized care and supervision of your property while you're away, we offer round-the-clock assistance and support if you need it. We provide you with one full hour of "On-Demand" service to meet unexpected or one-time requirements. Examples are storm assessments, Contractor/delivery appointments, and "Oops, I forgot..." services (unlocked doors, water/lights left on, thermostat changes, etc.). If you want personal oversight of activity at your property, we will provide that for an additional $20 fee for each hour we're required. In short, if you want a local, bonded CheckMark representative to act on your behalf, we will be there for you. When using "On-Demand" services, simply contact us regarding details and we'll only charge you for the time required to help out.