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SKU: $20.00
1. Complete the pedigree before sending it in to The Chase. Give owner(s) name, address and the litter enrollment number of hound to be registered.
2. Give two choices of name for your hound's name as we allow no duplication of names. Names are limited to 21 letters, including spaces. We cannot use a registered kennel name on your hound unless you have written permission from the owner of the kennel to use his/her registered kennel name.
3. Give color, sex, whelping date and name and address of the breeder of the hound to be reigstered. The breeder is the person who owned (or leased) the dam when she was bred.
4. Certificates of Registration are not issued until at least thirty days (30) after the pedigrees have appeared in the magazine and are not mailed until the registrations are fully paid for. 5. The prices are $20.00 for a five generation pedigree. Littermates may be registered for $15.00 each after the first hound. (To qualify as a littermate when registering, the hounds must be registered at the same time and in the same owner(s) name.

Single blank pedigree