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03. Kwikset UltraMax® aka:TITAN® (6-pin key cylinder) Rekey Kit

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The $12.95 KWIKSET UltraMax Security® rekey kit (was previously packaged by Kwikset® as TITAN® is a 6-pin key cylinder lock system. This rekey kit contains everything necessary (except a common screwdriver to rekey Entrance, Lever Entrance Single & Double cylinder Deadbolts, and Handleset type locks. The kit will rekey 6 single cylinder locks. Each lock you put a key in is a single cylinder. A deadbolt keyed on both sides would count as 2 single cylinder locks. If you buy 2 or more rekey kits and want them keyed the same please email me at

EACH KIT CONTAINS: Two precut keys, 6 sets of color coded pins, detailed step-by-step instructions in both ENGLISH & SPANISH and all specialty tools. All you may need is a common screwdriver to remove lock from door.

ALERT! If you have a new Kwikset SMART KEY® lock you can use the keys in the CHANGE-A-LOCK rekey kit by following the SMART KEY® rekeying method only. WARNING! Do not use the CHANGE-A-LOCK rekeying method for the new SMART KEY® lock.

Note: You must use the keys provided in rekey kit for rekeying. Pins match keys in kit and are not to be used to rekey with any other keys!

NOTE: To order EXTRA PIN SETS and/or EXTRA KEYS for your rekey kit please click on the desired rekey product list. This rekeying kit is designed to be used only with KWIKSET UltraMax Security type locks and is not design to work with other manufacturer's locks.

NOTE: OLD KEY is needed to take out cylinder plug then new key is used to rekey lock. Old keys can not be used to rekey locks using the CHANGE-A-LOCK rekey kit for the cylinder pins will not work with old key.

ALERT: WHAT TO DO IF KEY CAN NOT BE REMOVED AFTER LOCK HAS BEEN RE-KEYED. If your key cylinder has a screw-off end cap, tighten or loosen one or two notches at a time until you are able to remove key. If this does not work or if your lock cylinder does not have a screw-off end cap then refer to master keyed locks below.


Your lock may have been master keyed at one time. If key can not be removed once lock has been rekeyed, then remove the key cylinder again using the follower. Remove the follower to let the top pins and springs drop out of cylinder housing. If lock has been master keyed you will have more than 5 top pins for a 5 pin cylinder lock system. Refer to the directions on how to replace the 5 top pins of equal length and the 5 springs. Do not use the other pins which drop out of the cylinder housing!

If you have a 6 pin key cylinder system then replace the 6 pins of equal length and the 6 springs.

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