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Steve "Banachek" Shaw's Radio Magic

SKU: $35.00
Disc #1 Steve Shaw's bio - History of radio magic - getting booked - advance preparation - routing your performance - handling callers - radio clips Discs #2 and #3 Radio clips of performances and explanations for a variety of tricks (i.e. headline prediction, song title prediction, book test, telephone answering machine, classified ad trick, spirit writing, etc.) Not just mentalism for the radio, but magic for the ears, too. Learn the secret to booking yourself, handling callers, and performing magic on the radio. Complete with routines and out takes from actual radio performances. Great for one-on-one over the telephone, too. "I'm very excited to hear that Radio Magic is now only available in CD form . . . instant access to this excellent material is great. Zip to what you want to listen to . . . no more stretched tapes, no more broken tapes . . . great news!" - Doc Eason - Tower Bar & Grill "These CD's are really interesting and will give the professional magician much to think about. Well worth the asking price."- David Goodsell - Editor M.U.M. "What better way to demonstrate radio magic? Highly recommended." - Phil Wilmarth - Linking Ring "Above all don't ignore the touches he describes here; they are the spices for the main courses he serves up. This material shows why Steve Shaw's audiences go away entertained and thoroughly satisfied that they have invested their time and money well." - James "The Amazing" Randi "I'm going out tomorrow to put these ideas to work in my market before everyone finds out about them. The next time I make a radio appearance, I'll be ten times more prepared." - Dan Garrett Three Compact Discs - Over 2 1/2 total hours! Now Available on CD in special 3 DVD set case! · Digitally re-mastered from the original cassette tape. · Unlike cassette tapes, you can easily find any section by jumping to that track.