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Psychological Subtleties 1

SKU: $45.00
Finally a book that identifies and explains how to utilize psychological forces and ploys in your everyday performances to create mind blowing miracles. Psychological Subtleties 1 has tips, ideas, suggestions and advice from Banachek. "In this book you will find some of the most baffling ruses devised for conjuring with information. They are gems collected by a man I consider one of the subtlest thinkers in magic." - Teller "There are so many subtle ideas that each reading yields its own rewards. I loved this book. This may easily be the Book of the Year!" - Bill Goldman - Trade Show Magician "There is a wealth of information here. If you do mentalism at all, you need to read and study Banachek's Psychological Subtleties. Highly recommended." - Mike Close, MAGIC Magazine 211 pages, dust jacket hardcover, 6" x 9"