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Psychokinetic Time

SKU: $20.00
Effect: A borrowed watch is checked for the correct time. It is placed back in the volunteer's hands. He is then asked him to think of a number to move the time. He says (for example), "24" and after a few seconds of mental hocus-pocus, the volunteer opens his hands and sees that the watch indeed MOVED AHEAD 24 MINUTES! The reaction was INCREDIBLE! Now you can learn the original method and forcing techniques used for this amazing effect in Banachek's 26-page manuscript Psychokinetic Time. Banachek has included everything you need to know to add this astonishing routine to your repertoire. This monumental effect was released on the heels of Banachek's successful book Psychological Subtleties #1. Psychokinetic Time comes complete with nine clear photos and descriptive text that details the ultimate impromptu method for altering the time on a spectator's watch while held in their hand. Other effects and concepts with watches are also discussed using the secret principles. No "gadgets" or difficult handling. This is for the serious magician, mentalist or conjuring enthusiast - but can be mastered by anyone.