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Peek Performances

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Winner of 2002 P.E.A. Creativity Award! PLEASE NOTE: This title has been reduced from $65.00 to $30.00. Order your copy today while supplies last. When they're gone...they're gone. The REAL critic's choice. Smart performers know what's good. As evidenced by receiving this high recognition by his peers, Richard Busch and Peek Performances will go in the annals of mentalism history. Peek Performances is required reading for mentalists of the 21st century. A book for real performers written by a master instructor. Not for the casual reader but for the true student and real performer, these lessons will help you create miracles in the minds of your audience. Certainly a book that will become a mentalism classic. "I am deeply impressed with the breadth and quality of the material in it. The bottom line is that we are in a time when most magic books offer little in the way of real contribution to the craft. Peek Performances is clearly not one of 'most magic books.' The area it covers is one that has received little attention until now, and the effects and methods are practical as hell. I haven't been able to put the book down since I got it a few days ago. Damn Great Book!" - Christopher Carter - star of one man show Christopher Carter Messes with Your Mind "I want to add my recommendation to the list of glowing reports of Richard Busch's Peek Performances. I gave up reading magic books a few years ago but took a chance with this one, and thought it was splendid." - Derren Brown, author of Pure Effect "THANK YOU big time for publishing Peek Performances. I'm on my fifth read through the book (very rare for me) and continue to find new material that I can use. It will indeed become a classic in the field." - Dave Arch "From what I've read so far, Peek Performances IS going to be a classic and does live up to the hype. Thank YOU for writing such a wonderful book. It is definitely something one should not rush reading. This is stuff I will use!!" - David Birtwell "I predict that this will become one of the best sellers for mentalists and, I fear, magicians (fortunately most of the latter will not take the time and effort to master the techniques described)." - Dick Christian "If you are a beginner in mentalism, then there are quite a few other books that you should study first. Peek Performances is akin to a postgraduate course on mentalism. The techniques in this book are not physically difficult, but the psychology to perform them correctly and within the context of the routine could be challenging. There is a lot to like about this book. Richard's handling of the pocket watch stands out as one of my favorites. I also liked his insight on the Hoy Book Test and highly recommend it to anyone performing the original." - Gary Ward "Peek Performances is a MUST-HAVE! The most creative and original look at billets and peeks in years!" - Ted Karmilovich Jr., Creator, Mother of All Book Tests "Encyclopedic in nature, incredibly useful, don't buy it. I want it all to myself." - Moshe Botwinick, Consultant to Marc Salem's Mind Games "If you want the real work, take the time to carefully read what's inside. If you're looking for self-working stuff, go elsewhere." - Ford Kross, Hypnotist, Author of Suggestive Mentalism "In a breezy, conversational style that is typically Richard, he makes you feel he is in the room teaching you and explaining the how and why of everything he does. For a practical selection of glimpses, from index cards to book tests, Peek Performances should have a prominent place in your library." - Bruce Bernstein, creator, author, and lecturer of magic and mentalism "In a clear, concise and easy to read manner, Mr. Busch covers one of the most important subjects to our art...the secret gathering of information and, just as important, the revelation of this information to our audiences. No props, no convoluted plot line or long sequenced, boring tricks, just clear, direct, to the point effects that look as close to real mind reading as one can possibly get. This is a book designed to give you lesson after lesson to be read, digested and developed, year after year." - Paul Alberstat, Canada's Leading Mentalist "This is one of the most exciting and dangerous books on the performance of mentalism that I have ever read. It's exciting because all of the material is top-flight, very clear, very direct mentalism. It's dangerous because with the variety and power of the material, you could build a reputation as the "real thing." The techniques are very pragmatic, and the presentational potential is startling! I consider it to be a modern classic on all kinds of peek techniques ranging from billets to book tests." - Allen Zingg, Editor of Vibrations - P.E.A. Hardbound, beautiful dust jacket, with 209 pages, 47 clear photographs and 19 illustrations of quality material that has been kept private for so long. Now you can have the power to know "secret" information. Order PEEK PERFORMANCES NOW!