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S1WFMAX - 1 Week Camp Fee on 2019 MAXWELL Summer Fun Camp - 1 Camper

SKU: $95.00
Weekly Camp Fee for MAXWELL Spring or Summer Fun Camp good for 1 week which also requires payment of the registration fee. Camp includes a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Outdoor activities include Tennis Lessons, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Water Day, and other instructor guided Outdoor Games. Indoor Activities include Art, Table Games, Video Games, and more. Breakfast, Hot Lunch, Snack and Weekly Field trip to the Movies are already included in weekly fee. Please note that during spring break camp there is no field trip and breakfast, lunch, and snack are not included. Please print, fill out, scan, and return registration form for your desired location which is available on our website http://caselytennis.com/spring-summer-camps.html, scan and email to caselytennis@msn.com. There are no refunds.