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BOOK AND CD: Consult Your Inner Psychic

SKU: 4 $17.95
How often have you said, "You know, I saw that coming!" Hindsight can be devastating, especially when you look back at a situation and wish you had handled it in a different way. Mysteriously, a part of your consciousness knew exactly what you needed to do; yet you did something else. And as you look back you say, "You know, I saw that coming, but I did not listen. I had a gut feeling and I did not follow it" (Excerpt from "Consult Your Inner Psychic").

Each one of us has psychic gifts that we can use to tap into our inner knowledge. Learn to listen to your inner voice. Carole Lynne offers you a book and CD to use as you give yourself incredible intuitive readings. You will learn about the 12 Energies, those parts of us that are ready to work for us if only we will call them.

You will meditate on the 4 States of Being and come to know which way you need to move in relationship to a particular situation: do you need to move into or away from a situation?

Meeting with a professional psychic occasionally can be a worthwhile experience, but it's best to avoid becoming dependent on this person for answers. Carole Lynne teaches you how to tap into your inner knowledge for answers, so that you can give yourself a good reading.