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2. Brakeman's Super Deluxe Boxed Complete Set for Lionel, American Flyer, and Marx

SKU: Kit#2 $519.00
This set includes a complete set of boxed riveting tools for restoring Lionel O & Standard Gauge, American Flyer S-Gauge, and Marx O-Gauge Trains.

BR-1: Original Riveter (Includes BRT1-1 Tip)
BR-D1: Drift Pin for BR-1
BREXT-1: 1" Extension for BR-1
BRT2-1: Shoe-Armature Spring Tip
BR-PO: Four-Piece Backing Post Set
BR-2: Super Riveter for "O" Gauge (includes BRT1-2 Truck Rivet Tip & BR-2P Truck Rivet Backing Post)
BR-EXT-1/2: ½" Extension for BR-2
BRT2-2: 1/8" Rivet Tip (Used in both O & S Gauge)
BRT3-2: ¼" Tip and Eyelet Backing Post
BRT4-2: Swaging Tip
BR-FB: Fitted Backing Fixture for F-3 and Alco Ladders
BR-S: Truck Rivet Securing Tool
BRT5-2: S Gauge Link Coupler Repair Set
BRT6-2: Heavy Duty Mini Rivet Tip
BR530-P: Backing Post for Lionel 530-40 or -44 Rivet
BR-PT: Pre-War Truck Eyelet Backing Post
BR-PE: Small Eyelet Backing Post
BR-MP: Marx Eyelet Backing Post
BR-SM: Motorized Unit Rivet Securing Tool
BRT3-SW: Small Swaging Tip (for Tightening Truck Side Frames)
BR1-SP: Backing Post used with BRT3-SW
BR-BX1: Basswood Set Box with Branded Logo
BR-BX1T: Wooden Tray (for Adding Storage Capacity to Set Box)