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Capre Shower Bag

SKU: $14.95
Product Description: Keep your towel close by when showering with the Capre Shower Bag. This unique, water-resistant, COVID-friendly bag holds a dry towel so you can easily grab and wrap it around you as you exit the shower. Hang it in your shower at home or take it with you when you travel so you’ll always have a dry towel nearby when bathing.

The Capre Shower Bag comes in two sizes, 5” x 12” and 5” x 8”, and five different colors, evergreen, navy blue, black, tan brown, and clear. It’s made of nylon with a water-resistant interior and exterior lining and a top-to-bottom zipper for easy opening. It also has hooks on the back, so you can easily hang it from your shower caddy or shower curtain rod.