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Autographed Letter Russian Railroads, 1892 by Bennett, James Gordon
Letter by Reverend John Cuckson to Plymouth News- 1900 about death of Ex Gov Wolcott
Topographical, Moral, & Physiological;} Made in a Journey Through Part of the Low-Countries, Germany, Italy, and France: with A Catalogue of Plants not Native of England, found Spontaneously growing i
Berenice Abbott and Eugene Atget by Worswick, Clark
Letter Autograph Pierre Janet while giving 15 Lectures at Harvard from 15 October and the end of November 1906
circa 1840's- 8 pages of hand written story of Hill’s Academy in Essex Connecticut:
Marilyn by Andre de Dienes
Memoirs of John Horne Tooke, together with his valuable Speeches and Writings: Also, containing Proofs Identifying him as the Author fo the Celebrated Letters of Junius
Moravian Church.; Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Committee to Whom the Petition of the Deputies of the United Moravian Churches, in Behalf of Themselves and Their United Brethren, was Re
Recueil de Planches d'Exemples et de Formules de la Nouvelle Méthode de Musique inventée et développée par Henry Heugel, 1832; Very Rare Work
Science. Agriculture, Astrology, Astronomy, Chronology, Instruments, Mathematics, Medicine including Gynecology, Military Science, Natural History, Nautica, Optics, Physics, Technology; Kraus, H. P.
Scraps of Paper, German Proclamations in Belgium and France (World War 1) 1917 First Edition
The Library Collected by the Late Joseph B. Shea, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Part I: Americana [American Art Assoc./Anderson Galleries auction, 1-2 Dec. 1937
Catalogue 125: One Hundred and Eighty Rare Books & Manuscripts; Including Many Fine Bindings; Kraus, Hans Peter
1826 Map of Boston "Free" Bridge from Boston to Dorcester; South Boston
Catalogue 138: The Four Folios of William Shakespeare, Together with some Quartos; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 167. The Seventeenth Century. Continental printed books in various fields: History, Theology, Law, Politics, Jesuitica, Judaica & Hebraica, Genealogy, Classics, etc.; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 169. The History of Science Including Navigation A further selection of Books, 1641-1700 (Wing Period) from the Library of Harrison D. Horblit; 1985, First and Only Edition; Kraus, H.P.
Catalogue 171: The History of Science including Navigation; Another Selection of Books from the Library of Harrison D. Horblit.; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 175: Bibliography, Part 1: Antiquarian Bibliography before 1850. Part II: Catalogues: Private Libraries, Auctions, Booksellers. Part III: General Bibliography; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 209: Incunabula, Books from One Hundred and Fourteen Presses in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, and England, Arranged in Proctor Order; Kraus, H. P.
Comber, Thomas. (1645-1699) An Historical Vindication of the Divine Right of Tithes, 1682
Catalog 181, Recent Acquisitions, 1999; First and Only Edition, Kraus, Hans Peter
Lord Kelvin's Patents by Magnus Maclean 1898
17th Century French Politics: Compt, Marquis de Hay: Traitte’ de la Politique de France, Par Monsieur P. H. Marquis de C. A
1715 4th Edition- Rare work- Solutive, Barthelemy. ( ) Les Sept Trompetes Pour Reveillf (e) r Les Pecheurs, et les Induire a Faire Penitence.
Maggi, Girolamo. (d. 1572) Hieronymi Magii Anglarensis De Tintinnabulums Liber Postumus.
May 4th, 1778 a partial snippet of a survey by W. S. Davis surveyor of the land of James Blood
Arno Werner master bookbinder. An exhibition at the Houghton Library; Walsh, James E. 1981
Gunther, John; Inside Asia; Harper Brothers, 1939 First Edition
An Annotated Bibliography of Bibliographies of Statutory Materials by Keitt, Lawrence, 1935 First Edition
Bibliography of Rhode Island, a Catalogue of Books and Other Publications Relating to the State of Rhode Island, with Notes, Historical, Biographical and Critical,
A Critical History of Children's Literature; Meigs, Cornelia; Eaton, Anne; Nesbitt, Elizabeth; Viguers, Ruth Hill, 1969
Jus Regium: or, The Just and Solid Foundations of Monarchy in General: and more especially of the Monarchy of Scotland: Manitain’d against Buchannan, Daphtali, Dolman, Milton, & c. By Sir George Macke
Catalog of Books and Pamphlets Principally Relating to America: 1870; by Boon, Edward P.
A Check List of English Prose Fiction: 1700 - 1739; McBurney, William Harlin; 1960 First Edition With Dust Jacket
The Log Cabin. By H. Greeley, 30 Ann-Street Vol. 1. New Series. New-York, Saturday, July 3, 1841. No. 31.
The Log Cabin by H. (Horace) Greeley, 30 Ann-Street. Vol. 1 new Series. New-York, Saturday, June 12, 1841. No. 28.
La Georgica di Virgilio, 1549 by Virgil, Daniello, Bernardino,; d. 1565, ; tr.
Pencil Sketch Christmas 1854 by Fanny Ruschenberger a very rare ephemera item
Exposition Addressed to the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union...Concerning the Regulation and Administration of the Pious Fund. Translated and Edited by Herbert Ingram Priestley
Bookmaking & kindred amenities, 1942 First Edition by Miers, Earl Schenck
Die Augsburger passion von 1480. 1924 Limited Edition
Geoffroy Tory and Catherine de Medici; an unpublished manuscript of Geoffroy Tory of the genealogy of the Counts of Boulogne, concerning the French ancestry of Catherine de Medici, queen of France.
Special Subject bulletin No 5. A catalogue of publications printed at the Middle Hill Press 1819 - 1872 including many copies in proof sheets with manuscript corrections by Sir Thomas Phillipps;
Catalogue 141: English Books Principally in the Fields of Literature and History; Kraus, Hans Peter
30 Years, 1932-1962: 100 Catalogues; Kraus, Hans Peter
Ikebana (flower) Arranging Images by Master Kamata, Soseke First Edition Signed 1950's
In Debt to Shays: Bicentennial of an Agrarian Rebellion; 1993 1st Printing, First Edition by Gross, Robert A.
Letter to Publisher about 5 Sovereign Coin - 1842 from Richard Sainthill
Eleazer Smith: A Biographical Sketch (1755-1836) Inventor by Dickinson, Thomas A.
Founding 1895 Daughters of the American Revolution, Massachusetts and Ohio Chapters
The General Guide to Rare Americana. with Auction Records and Prices. Philadelphia: Privately Printed, 1950. New and enlarged edition.
Sex Searchlights and Sane Sex Ethics by Stone, Lee Alexander 1922
2 Signed Editions of Halberstam's The Best and the Brightest: 1972 and 2001
Monica's Story
A Nineteenth Century Eccentric "the horse racing life of Fulwar Craven (1782-1860)"
The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture- Jimmy Carter Signed
John Brewster, Honorable: 1847 Last Will and Testament a Copy
Leopold Von Ranke A Review of his Life; Adams, Henry Brook, 1887
1677 Folio Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of James and William Dukes of Hamilton
Catalogue 201: Education & Rhetoric by H P Kraus
Lawrence Abbott Ephemera 1816-1820 with Amos Lawrence Letter to Abbott Rare collection of Ephemera from Massachusetts Lawrence family
1668 Pratique Des Exercices Spirituels, Tirée Des Oevvres de Sainte Gertrvde. St. Gertrude The Life and Times
Bibliography of Economics: 1751-1775, the 1990 reprint by Higgs, Henry
Elisa (Elizabeth) Edes (Brown) Hickling (Wife) (1825-1916) Poems and writings: Elisa Hickling, Roxbury 1837
Tale of Knights - Hudibras by Samuel Butler 1662
The Bookman's Glossary: A Compendium of Information Relating to the Production and Distribution of Books by Holden, John A.
Reflections of Color; by Roether, Susan Printed by Black Stone Press 1982
Printers' Valhalla: Daniel Berkeley Updike and the Merrymount Press by Winship, George Parker; 1947 First Edition
Deed Cambridge Mass 1849 for corner or Prospect and Austin in Cambridge Massachusetts; Chaplin, Daniel
Collection of Hoffman ephemera; All items from 1836 through 1860's when he resided in France and took part in the French Wars of the 1860's.
La Bell Provence: 26 Gravure au canif par Tilmans, 1947 Limited Edition Signed in case by Gap, Ophrys
Die Geschichte des Grafen Erdmann Promnitz by Wassermann, Jakob etchings by Genin, Robert signed
Catalogue 140: William Caxton: 1476 - 1976; (1975) First and Only Edition by H P Kraus
The Magic Curtain by Langner, Lawrence, 1951 First Edition
Old Glass; European and American by Moore, Hudson N. 1935
Annals of American Bookselling 1638-1850. First Edition, First Issue, 1932; Boynton, Henry Walcott
Printing Papers, Limited Edition 2,000 Copies by Wheelwright, William Bond 1936
Catalogue 213. Illustrated Books. From the sixteenth to the twentieth century and in a variety of different fields; 1996 First and Only Edition, Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 184. From Trithemius to Proctor. Bibliography and Reference Books before 1900. Part I of the Private Library of Hans P. Kraus; First and Only Edition, 1992
The Master of Mary of Burgundy: A Book of Hours; Reproduction, Full color; 1970 First Edition; Alexander, J. J. G.
Special Bulletin 10: 19th Century Photographs including Daguerreotypes, Civil War Photographs, Early American Views, Technology, French Portrait Photographs, etc.; 1977, First and Only Edition, Kraus,
1682 Poems & Songs. By Thomas Flatman. The Third Edition.
Senlis; Folio, art, Senlis, Signed, First Edition, 1929; Maricourt, du baron André de
Picasso - 1937 by Jamie Sabartes (his personal Secretary until Picasso's death)
The Courtin' by Lowell, James Russell Illustrations by Homer, Winslow 1968 Limited Edition
Les Entretiens D'Ariste et D'Eugene- 1703, First Edition; Dominique Bouhours
When M.I.T. was Boston Tech 1861 - 1916, First Edition, signed by Prescott to Maynard Alexander Joslyn
Joan. Sleidani De Quatuor Monarchiis Libri Tres. Cum Notis H. Meibomi & G. Horni. Editio prioribus correctior & emendatior. 1686
Autographed Letter, 1937 by Phelps, William Lyon, American Author
Signed Letter Autograph by Morton, Levi; 1898, Politician and helped refinance US National Debt!
A Bibliography of James Russell Lowell Compiled by George Willis Cooke; 1907 Limited Edition #484 out of 550
A Sermon, Delivered at York, October 10, 1798, at the Ordination of the Rev. Rosewell Messinger, to the Pastoral Charge of the First Church as Colleague Pastor with the Rev. Isaac Lyman by Ezra Ripley
Ships of the Past, 1929 First Edition by Davis, Charles G. Sailing ships and sloops with images
Edmund Wilson. A Study of Literary Vocation in Our Time by Paul Sherman, 1965, signed First Edition and Letter from Wilson's wife
The May Queen : cantata in three parts, 1845 First Edition; Tennyson, Alfred
Le Lacrime di San Pietro di Luigi Tansillo Poema Sacro con Gli Argomenti, ed Allegorie Di Lucrezia Marinella ed Un Discorso Di Tommaso Costo. Giuntavi in Questa nuova Edizione la Raccolta delle sue
A Mirror for Witches by Gibbings, Robert (Illustrator) and Forbes, Esther
Catalog 186: Science; including Medicine and the Occult; 1991, First and Only Edition, Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalog 190: Catalogus Catalogorum (Predominately Post-1900) Part III of the Private Library of Hans P. Kraus (With a Supplement to Parts I and II); Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 134: English Literary Autographs and Manuscripts from distinguished private collections including autographs by Arnold Bennett, Joseph Conrad, Conan Doyle, Lord Alfred Douglas, Thomas Gray,
Catalogue 137: Important Works in the field of Science by Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 151: Bibliography: Part One: Books about Books and Manuscripts, History of Printing, Bookbinding, etc. Part Two: Library, Auction, and Booksellers' Catalogues; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 157: Documents & Autographs relating to England, Scotland, and Ireland; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 162: Bibliography; I. General Bibliography, Book Collecting, Book Trade, Manuscripts & Illuminations, Library Science. II. Typography. III. Catalogues, Sale, Dealers, Private; Kraus, H. P.
Catalogue 166: The Arts; Art, Architecture, Archaeology, Festivities, Music, Drama, Film; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 168: The History of Science including Navigation: A First Selection of Books from the Library of Harrison D. Horblit; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 173. The Fifteenth century: Incunabula from Eighty-Nine Presses in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and England, Arranged in Proctor Order.
Catalogue 178: Voyages, Travels & Ancillary Sciences. Including Geography, Cartography, Navigation, etc.; 1980, First and Only Edition, Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 180: Miscellanea; Americana, Art & Architecture etc., 1980, First and Only Edition, Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 191: Part I Middle Ages; Part II Reformation and Counter-Reformation; Part III 16th and 17th and 18th Centuries; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 197: New Arrivals: in a wide varieties of fields including Archaeology, Bibliography, Classics, English History & Literature, Illustrated Books, Numismatics, Italian History & Literature
Catalogue 198: The Low Countries. Books and Manuscripts relating to or originating in Holland and Belgium.
Catalogue 203: New Arrivals, 1996 First and Only Edition; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 204: Italy. A Selection of Books, Manuscripts, and Documents from six centuries comprising works by Italian authors and printers in any language
Catalogue 205. From Soul to Psyche: Books on the Soul, Senses, Emotions & Behavior; 1997, First and Only Edition, Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 206: The Greek Book; 1997, First and Only Edition; Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 207: Eleven Subjects; First and Only Edition, 1997, Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 208: Performing Arts, Books on Music, Dance, Theatre, & Festivities; 1995, First and Only Edition, Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 211: War and Revolution, Rebellion and Treason by Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue 212: Holiday Miscellany, 1995, First and only edition, Kraus, Hans Peter
Catalogue No. 161: A Selection of Printed Books; Kraus, Hans Peter
Comoediae sex.-Plays, 1635 of Terrence (195/185-159 BC; Greek Playwright)
Quibus continentur Praelectiones de Vita et Rebus Gestis Pauli Apostoli. Ne non Dissertationum Exegeticarum Duodecas. Denique Commentarius in Epsitolam Judae Apostoli.; 1703
The eloquence of the British Senate, being a selection of the best speeches of the most distinguished English, Irish, and Scotch parliamentary speakers from the beginning of the reign of Charles I to
The Photographic History of the Civil War in Ten Volumes by Miller, Francis Trevelyan 1911 First Edition
The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths by Carrington, J. B. and Hughes, G. R.
The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver
History of British Birds, First Edition, 1797; Ascended to Lawrence Titus Oates Accompanied Scott to the South Pole
The works of Mr. Abraham Cowley ... Consisting of those which were formerly printed; and those which he design'd for the press, publish'd out of the author's original copies.
Jessie Benton Fremont A Woman Who Made History, 1935 by John Nash Binder/Printer, limited edition (1000)
1738 - Le Lacrime di San Pietro di Luigi Tansillo Poema Sacro con Gli Argomenti, ed Allegorie Di Lucrezia Marinella