1668 Pratique Des Exercices Spirituels, Tirée Des Oevvres de Sainte Gertrvde. St. Gertrude The Life and Times - Calix Books

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1668 Pratique Des Exercices Spirituels, Tirée Des Oevvres de Sainte Gertrvde. St. Gertrude The Life and Times

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Gertrude the Great, Saint. (1256-1302) Pratiqve Des Exercices Spiritvels, Tirée Des Oevvres de Sainte Gertrvde. Vtile & profitable à l'Ame devote, qui desire s'avancer à la perfection. Avec plusieurs 1668 First and Only Edition, 8vo (small) Vellum binding with ties. Meditations & salutaires enseignmens, tant pour les personnes seculieres, que pour la Profession Religieuse, & la renovation des Vœux. Nouvelle Edition, reveuë, corrigée, & mise en la pureté de nostre langue. Et enrichie de plusieurs figures en taille douce. Paris: Chez Iean Covterot, ruë S. Iacques, au petit Iesus, prés les Mathurins, 1668. An extremely rare book. No copies found in any of the libraries. Copies of Jean Couterot's works only hold small numbers in libraries across the world. His publications were very small runs and a limited number have survived. Saint Gertrude the Great: 8vo, 5.94 x 3.25 in. a8, e2, A-Z8/4, Aa-Zz4/8; lacking the engraved frontispiece (of Saint Gertrude), but with twenty one full-paged engravings, and four full-paged engraved tables. The engraving on page 272 is mistakenly printed upside down. This copy is in very good condition internally, without stains or browning. Some of the corners toward the end are a bit curled, but this is very minor. The binding is contemporary limp parchment with ties, and is also in good condition. The bookplate of the Maison des Oiseaux of Paris is pasted inside the front board. "In the 'Exercises' we have the saint at her best. They were written for her Sisters in religion and we feel she has here a free hand unhampered by the deep humility which made it so repugnant for her to disclose favors personal to herself. The 'Exercises,' which are seven in number, embrace the work of the purification and sanctification of the soul from the reception of baptismal grace to the preparation for death. Her glowing language deeply impregnated with the liturgy and Scriptures exalts the soul imperceptibly to the heights of contemplation. […] Her writings are also colored by the glowing richness of that Teutonic genius which found its most congenial expression in symbolism and allegory. The spirit of Saint Gertrude, which is marked by freedom, breadth, and vigor, is based on the Rule of Saint Benedict. Her mysticism is that of all the great contemplative workers of the Benedictine Order from Saint Gregory to Blosius. Hers, in a word, is that ancient Benedictine spirituality which is simply the spirit of the Church." (CE) The engraved illustrations printed in this edition are quite entrancing. One scene depicts Christ and Mary Magdalene entering the Garden of Gesthamene, while in the background in a different garden there are two pan-like devils dancing, a crowned skeleton, and a serpent wrapped around a tree. In another the soul is depicted as a little castle whose steps are religion, hope, and faith. Birds holding banners with problematic or sinful actions are assaulting the castle. A peacock is perched on its balcony. Several other engravings are more involved, with many layers of meaning, which in some cases are organized to serve as memorization guides. Equally as interesting are the four engraved tables. A table is provided for recording one's faults, including, vain sadness, temper, envy, sensuality, vanity in habits, and others.