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Die Augsburger passion von 1480. 1924 Limited Edition

SKU: biblio 3 $200.00
Hand colored woodblock prints (28) bound in vellum with gold lettering on the spine. The title is 'The Passion of Augsburg of 1480' huftau Kiepenheuer Verlag- Potsdam (1924). Page previous to title page states: 'The old picture book published by Kurt Pfister. Second Printing. In pencil on fly cover page it states: 'of an ED Limited to 300 copies This is one of 100 copies bound in full limp vellum.'. On the next to the last page is printed fly: 'Dieserzmeite pressure de series "The old picture book" was subtracted from the Hobten = Press, Berlin, in the Liturgical on Wiek Zander = butts by hand. The Aekungen produced F. Bruckmann A = B., Munchen. The handkolorieren worried Hermann Silmar, Berlin. The softcover were bound by the procedure of FH Ehmcke, Munchen, of Otto Dorfner, Weimar, with his hand. No. 1-50 place in Schweinsleder, no. 15-150 151-300 bound in cardboard in vellum (calf vellum), no.. This book carries the number: 139. Title: The Augsburger passion of 1480. Author (s): Luther, Martin ,; 1483-1546. Sorg, Anton ,; about 15 cents. Pfister, Kurt ,; 1895-1951; ed. Publication: Potsdam: G. Kiepenheuer Verlag, Year: 1924, 1480 Description: [57] p. : Col. Ill. ; . 23 cm Language: German Subject (S) Descriptor: Wood-engraving. Named Person. Jesus Christ - Passion Note (s): This second printing of the series "The old picture book" was organized by the Hoboken-Press, Berlin, in the Liturgical deducted on white Zanders laid paper with his hand ... no. 1-50 are in pigskin, no. 51-150 in vellum, no. 151-350 bound in cardboard. This book bears the number 9 / facsimile of the 28 beautiful woodcuts of the impression by Anton Sorg, finely hand-colored by H. Silwar. The text is That of the Passion in the Gospel of St. John in the translation of Luther's Bible of 1522. September / Series: "The old picture book" edited by Kurt Pfister. Class Descriptors: Dewey: 226.5 Other Titles: Bible. NT John. German. Luther. Selections. 1924. More Records: Show Record information Entry: 19800930 Update: 20,110,204 Accession No: OCLC: 6769491A fine copy with outstanding graphics.