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Bookmaking & kindred amenities, 1942 First Edition by Miers, Earl Schenck

SKU: biblio 6 $20.00
Bookmaking & kindred amenities, 1942 First Edition by Miers, Earl Schenck A book about bookmaking. It's a nice first edition with a good dust jacket for its age but its not perfect. A great book for learning more about books and book making. A very well written series of views on the subject on nice crisp, heavy paper stock, printed by Rutgers University Press and the Haddon Craftsmen. Title: Bookmaking & kindred amenities, being a collection of essays Author(s): Miers, Earl Schenck, 1910-1972, ed. Ellis, Richard W.; 1895-1982, ; (Richard Williamson),; joint ed. Warde, Beatrice,; 1900-1969. Publication: New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press in association with the Haddon Craftsmen, Year: 1942 Description: xiii, 147, [1] p. 27 cm. Language: English Contents: The book in history from manuscript volumes to book club dividends / Richard Ellis -- A voice from embattled Britain: I know what books mean / Beatrice Warde -- Gilding the lily: in the designing of books there's no sin like complacency / Carl Purington Rollins -- Publisher bites author, commercial publishing: stepping-stone to Hollywood / Bennett A. Cerf -- Author's nursemaid: Is the editor a frustrated author turned sour? / George Stevens -- The revolution in reading: the best-seller has come to stay / Philip Van Doren Stern -- Academic midwifery: reflections of a rake among scholars / Earl Schenck Miers -- The fun and fury of a private press: some voyages of the Golden Hind / Arthur W. Rushmore -- A versatile hack: the three-penny critic and his job / Lewis Gannett -- Bookselling: a bookseller never gets beyond the prime of life / Laurence Gomme -- Through the treasure room door: here waits the curator with nothing up his sleeve / Lawrance Thompson. Standard No: National Library: 002487436 LCCN: 42-19794 SUBJECT(S) Note(s): "First edition." Class Descriptors: LC: Z116; Dewey: 655.04 Responsibility: by Beatrice Warde, Richard Ellis, Carl Purington Rollins, Bennett A. Cerf, George Stevens, Philip Van Doren Stern, Earl Schenck Miers, Lewis Gannett, Lawrance Thompson, Laurence Gomme [and] Arthur W. Rushmore. Edited with an introduction and notes by Earl Schenck Miers & Richard Ellis. Entry: 19750827 Update: 20120215 Accession No: OCLC: 1576331