Tomato, Mexican Midget
Purple Creeping Bell Flower
Grain, Oats Tesuque
Tomato, Clyne's Epic
Bean, Pole, Snap, Early Riser
Tomatillo, Purple
Tomatillo, Green
Cabbage, Golden Acre
Anise Hyssop
Tomato, Oregon Spring
Cauliflower Purple Cape
Corn (Dent), Strubbe's Blue
Corn (Flour), Purple Mountain
Cucumber, Homemade Pickles
Tomato "First in the Field"
Bean, Bush, Tepary White
Poppy Pink Shirley
Onion, Yellow Sweet Spanish Colorado
Pepper, Bell, Yellow California Wonder
Pepper, Sweet, Italian Red
Caleb's Book of Natural Garden Remedies (weeds, aphids, etc) Free with orders of $40+
Grain, Spelt
Cabbage, January King Savoy
Cucumber, National Pickling
Red Goji Berry
Bean, Bush, Tepary Black
Cornflower Blue
Poppy Lucille
Grain, Oat, Hulless
Germander Iranian
Cress, Curled
Salsify Fiore Blu
Sweet Annie (Sweet Wormwood)
Bean, Fava, Sweet Lorane
Peas, Austrian Winter Salad
Chinese Woad (blue dye plant)
Soapwort flower (makes herbal soap)
Marshmallow (medicinal)
Miner's Lettuce
White Soul Strawberries
Pepper, Hot, Anaheim Chile
Pepper, Hot, Habenero
Pepper, Hot, Hungarian Wax
Peas, Sugar Magnolia
Tomato, Sunshine Cherry
Health Agency Nutrition Group (monthly fee)
African Daisy
Farmer's Market $1 Increment Payments
Mustard Greens, Frizzy Lizzy
Yellow Cosmos Flower
Hollyhock Color Mix
Tomato, July Ruffle
Leeks, Winter Verdonnet
Corn, Super Sweet
Kale, Frizzy
Cucumber, Armenian
Corn Salad Mache
California Poppy
Garden Sorrel
Texsel Salad Greens
Corn (Popcorn) Early Pink Pearl
Blanket Flower
Peas, Carruthers Purple Podded Shelling
Napa Cabbage, Nozaki Early
Leeks, Summer Pancho
Parsnip, Bedford Monarch
Pak Choi Asian Greens
Spinach, Bloomsdale
Parsley, Giant from Italy
Pepper, Bell, Orange Etuida
Cilantro (also coriander)
Bean, Bush, Tepary Yellow
Arugula Roquette
Watermelon Sweet Yellow Gem
Watermelon Crimson Sweet
Squash, Butternut
Tomato, Good Keeper
Bean, Garbanzo Creamy Early
Mexican Hat Flower
Radish, Blauer Winter Storage
Beets, Cylindra
Grain, Einkorn
Melon, Green Flesh Honeydew
Cucumber, Mideast Peace
Pumpkin, Mormon
Onion, Red Long of Florence
Cucumber, Early Fortune
Dill, Bouquet
Celery Pink Plume
Red Clover Mammoth
Onion, White Bunching
Beets, Dark Red
Tomato, San Marzano
Cucumber, Marketmore
Mizuna, Green
Basil, Deep Purple
Snapdragon Color Mix
Lettuce, Wild (medicinal)
Salad Burnet
Black-Eyed Susans
Rocky Mountain Bee Plant (Cleome)
"Basket of Gold" Flowers
Peas, Sugar Daddy
Bean, Pole, Snap, Kew Blue
Radish, Champion
Bean, Pole, Gold Nectar Snap
Poppy, Orange Spanish
Spotted Bee Balm
Baikal Scullcap
Cucumber, Green Finger
Watermelon Moon & Stars
Zinnia California Giants Mix Flowers
Mizuna, Purple
White Salad Turnip
Okra, Clemson Spineless
Bean, Pole, Snap, Cassie's Purple Pod
Bean, Bush, Wax, Gold Rush
Brussels Sprouts, Early Half Tall
Kohlrabi, Superschmelz
California Poppy Copper Pot
Kohlrabi, Purple Vienna
Timothy Hay
Corn, Sweet Double Red
Tomato, Cherokee Purple
Peppers, Aurora
Pepper, Bell, California Wonder
Kale, Blue Lacinato
Pepper, Bell, Purple Beauty
Sprengeri Asparagus Fern
Peas, Soup, Retrija
Gumweed (medicinal)
Squash, Winter, Candystick Dessert Delicata
Zucchini, Gold
Onion, Red Sweet Storage
Siberian Sage Flower
Spinach, Red Malabar
Broccoli, Umpqua Crown
Carrots, Red Cored Chantenay
Eggplant, Listada de Gandia
Prize Choi Asian Greens
Tomato, Amish Paste
Pepper, Hot, Early Jalapeno
Pepper, Bell, King of the North
Cucumber, Telegraph Improved
Kale, Red Russian
Salad Greens Doucette d'Alger
Watermelon Winter King and Queen (100% natural, chemical-free)
Bean, Bush, Dry, White Cannellini
Eggplant, Black Beauty
Arugula Sylvetta Wild
Basil, Genovese Large
Basil, Tulsi Holy
Radish, Daikon (100% natural, chemical-free)
Clary Sage
Endive, Frisee
Bean, Bush, Snap, Provider
Eggplant, Long Purple
Cress, Dutch Broadleaf
Lettuce, Red Oak Leaf
Bean, Bush, Snap, Tendergreen
Pumpkin, Big Max Giant
Cucumber, Suyo Long
Grain, Barley, Purple Hullless
Melon, Charentais
Tomato, Gold Keeper
Pepper, Hot, Aji Crystal
Pumpkin Jack Be Little
Pepper, Sweet, Red Roaster
Lettuce, Buttercrunch
Cabbage, Red Acre
Tomato, Snow Fairy
Pepper, Hot, Cayenne
Chives (Common)
Pumpkin, Connecticut Field
Broccoli, Di Cicco
Orange Calendula
Milk Thistle
Noir Des Carmes Cantaloupe
Squash, Summer, Golden Scallop
Onion, Red Baron Bunching
Rutabaga Major Dunne
Carrots, Scarlet Nantes
Squash, Winter, Vegetable Spaghetti
Mint, Spearmint
Ground Cherries Aunt Molly's
Spinach, Purple Orach
Bean, Bush, Butterbean Edamame Envy
Lamb's Ear Flower
Stinging Nettle (medicinal)
Vera English Lavender
Cosmos Flower
Feverfew (Medicinal)
Lettuce, Gabriella
Grain, Medicinal Oatstraw
Squash, Winter, Sweet Potato, Thelma Sanders
Bean, Pole, Snap, Kentucky Wonder
Summer Savory
Garlic Chives
Lettuce, Winter Green Jewel Romaine
Carrots, Caleb's Color Mix
Basil, Globe
Onion, Yellow Sweet Storage
Valerian (medicinal
Farthest North Melon Mix (Orange and Green)
Pumpkin, Orange Stripe Cushaw
Carrot, Giants of Colmar
Parsnip, Kral Russian
Pumpkin, Small Sugar
Spinach, Strawberry
Tomato, Orange Currant
Zucchini, Dark Green
Lettuce, Red Winter (Rouge d'Hiver)
Beets, Early Wonder Red
Turnips, Golden
Mint, Peppermint
Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)
Purple Top Globe Turnip
Pumpkin, Cushaw Green Striped
Cauliflower, Snowball Y Improved
Tomato, Clackamas Blueberry
Soapwort flower (makes herbal soap)
Tomato, Sweetie
Zucchini, Black Beauty
Cauliflower Romanesco
Bean, Pole, Snap, Blue Lake
Tomato, Ace
Tomato, Winter Grape
Lettuce, Tom Thumb Butterhead
Spinach, America
Lettuce, Deep Winter
Peas, Cascadia
Beets, Chioggia
Carrots, Danvers Half-Long
Kale, Dwarf Siberian
Squash, Summer, Early Prolific Straight-Neck
Squash, Summer, Early Yellow Crookneck
French Marigolds (Yellow & Red Mix)
German Chamomile
Peas, Snow, Golden Sweet
Lemon Balm
Live Natural Yeast Kit, free with orders over $40.
Hyssop flower
Mustard Greens, Osaka Purple
Peas, Sugar Ann
Sweet Marjoram
Thyme (Common)
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Beets, Golden
Lettuce, Winter Density
Sage (common)
Bean, Bush, Snap, Royalty Purple Pod
Onion, Green Mountain Huge multiplier

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