Black-Eyed Susans
Affordable Greenhouses (ONLINE tour and class)
Blue Podded Peas (Organic)
Italian Heirloom Slicing Tomato (Organic)
Large Red Cherry Tomatoes (Organic)
San Marzano Tomato
Lettuce Leaf Basil (Organic)
Marketmore Cucumber
Red Fireworks Breadseed Poppy (Organic)
Fermented Foods: Brain and Gut Health for 2020 ONLINE WITH CULTURES MAILED TO YOU
Fermented Foods: Brain and Gut Health for 2020 ONLINE WITH NO STARTS MAILED TO YOU
Beefsteak Slicing Tomato
Watermelon Crimson Sweet
Tendersweet Orange Watermelon
Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting
Raspberry Gomphrena Flowers (Organic)
Italian Roma Tomato
The Health Agency Weight Control Group (monthly fee)
Purple Creeping Bell Flower (Organic)
Big Max Pumpkins (Organic)
Green Flesh Honeydew Melon (Organic)
Orange Flesh Honeydew Melon (Organic)
White Bunching Onions (Organic)
Red Clover (Medicinal, Organic)
Red Sweet Italian Pepper (Organic)
Detroit Dark Red Beets (Organic)
Spinach Bloomsdale (Organic)
Prize Choi Asian Greens (Organic)
The Health Agency Diabetes Control Group Monthly Fee
Indian Woman Yellow Bush Beans (Organic)
Lovage Magnus (Organic)
Marguerite Kelwayi Perennial Yellow Daisies (Yellow Dyer's Chamomile) (Organic)
Mizuna Asian Salad Greens (Organic)
Purple Basil Dark Opal (Organic)
Red Canna Lily (Organic)
Strawberry Popcorn (Organic)
Squash Waltham Butternut (Organic)
Bright Lights Swiss Chard (Organic)
Amish Melon (Organic)
Amish Paste Tomatoes (Organic)
Celery Pink Plume (Organic)
Cherokee Purple Tomato (Organic)
Cilantro (also coriander) (Organic)
Farmer's Market $1 Increment Payments
Pumpkin on a Stick (ornamental eggplant)
Stowell's White Evergreen Sweet Corn (Organic)
Dill Bouquet (Organic)
Caleb Warnock's Guaranteed Edible Weedkiller Recipe (download after purchase)
Parsley, Giant from Italy (Organic)
Pepper Jalapeno Traveler Strain
Camelina (Organic)
Arugula Apollo (Organic)
Rocky Mountain Bee Plant (Cleome) (Organic)
Bell Pepper, King of the North (Organic)
Borage (Organic)
Buttercrunch Lettuce (Organic)
Red Acre Cabbage (Organic)
Snow Fairy Tomato
Brigham Tea seeds
Cayenne Pepper
Chives (Common) (Organic)
Di Cicco Broccoli (Organic)
French Sorrel (Organic)
Green Oak Leaf Lettuce
Indian Brown Sorghum (Organic)
Medicinal Calendula (Orange, Organic)
Medicinal St. John's Wort (Organic)
Milk Thistle
Mullein (Medicinal, Organic)
Noir Des Carmes Cantaloupe (Organic)
Potimarron Winter Squash (Organic)
Scarlet Nantes Carrots (Organic)
Spearmint (Organic)
Red Orach (Organic)
Viili Finnish Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt Starter 100% Organic (No cooking!)
Water Kefir Grains (fresh, organic)
Kombucha Scoby (Fresh, Organic))
Filmjolk Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt Starter 100% Organic (No cooking!)
Matsoni Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt Starter 100% Organic (No cooking!)
Lamb's Ear Flower (Organic)
Stinging Nettle (medicinal)
Vera English Lavender
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
Feverfew (Medicinal) (Organic)
Gabriella Lettuce (Organic)
Medicinal Oatstraw (Organic Seed)
Sweet Potato Squash (Thelma Sanders) (Organic)
Piima Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt Starter 100% Organic (No cooking!)
Country Gentleman Sweet Corn
Tender Green Cucuzzi Summer Squash (Organic)
Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
Sweet Mace
Teff (grain) (Organic)
Garlic Chives (Organic)
North Pole Lettuce (Organic)
Winter Green Jewel Romaine (Organic)
Caleb's Color Carrot Mix
Globe Basil (Organic)
Collard Green Vates (Organic)
Medicinal Elecampane (Organic)
Parsnip Hollow Crown
Purslane (Organic)
Small Sugar Pumpkin
Strawberry Spinach
Medicinal yarrow
Ace Tomato
Rouge d'Hiver Lettuce
Early Wonder Beets
Golden Turnips
Iceberg Lettuce
Plantain Narrow Leaf (Medicinal Herb, Organic)
Pollinator Flower Mix
Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) (Organic)
Purple Top Globe Turnip
Red Romaine Lettuce
Snowball Cauliflower (Organic)
Soapwort plant (makes herbal soap) (Organic)
Sweet Basil
Top Mark Cantaloupe
White Boston Butterhead Lettuce
Zucchini Black Beauty (Organic)
Broccoli Romanesco (Organic)
Albino Sugar Beets
Homestead Tomato
Tom Thumb Butterhead Lettuce
Alpine Strawberry
America Spinach
Caleb's Deep Winter Lettuce (Organic)
Cascadia Peas
Chioggia Beets (Organic)
Common Mallow (Organic)
Danvers Half-Long Carrots
Dwarf Siberian Blue Kale (Organic)
Early Prolific Straight-Neck Summer Squash
Early Yellow Crookneck Squash
French Marigolds (Yellow & Red mix) (Organic)
German Chamomile (Organic)
Golden Sweet Peas (Organic)
Lemon Balm (Organic)
Early Fortune Cucumber (Organic)
Marvel of Four Season Lettuce
Medicinal Horehound (Organic)
Medicinal Hyssop (Organic)
Medicinal Motherwort (Organic)
Oregano (Organic)
Osaka Purple Mustard Greens (Organic)
Small Yellow Pear Tomatoes (Organic)
Sugar Ann Peas (Organic)
Grow Your Own Natural Yeast Start From Nature! (Organic Kit)
Sweet Marjoram
Tai Sai Salad Greens (Organic)
Thyme (Common) (Organic)
Lavender Munstead Dwarf
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Armenian Cucumber
Winter Density Lettuce (Organic)
Medicinal Catnip (Organic)

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