Lettuce, Winter Green Jewel Romaine

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[In the photo, Winter Green Jewel Romaine picked fresh on Jan. 5] This is the very best of all winter lettuces, and the lettuce I grow the most on my property year-round. Annual. 100% natural, heirloom, chemical-free, approx. 70 seeds per pack. I love the crunch and taste, and I love that you can plant this lettuce very thickly and close together and great huge amounts out of it. Best of all, cut this lettuce at the soil level and it grows back again and again! Will stay unprotected in the garden into December, and does well in winter cold frames. Both cold hardy and heat resistant! This lettuce is sold by no one else in the world! Works well for fresh winter garden growing as well as summer. 70 heirloom seeds. Free shipping on orders over $32.

HOW TO GROW: Press soil onto soil as soon as the ground can ber worked in spring, or anytime in spring or autumn. Plant in shad for summer starting. Keeping moist until germination, which may take two weeks, or longer in early spring. Harvest the outer leaves for continual harvest, or the whole head. Plant seeds four inches apart. For winter growing, please follow the instructions in Backyard Winter Gardening by Caleb Warnock, available at Amazon.com. Free shipping on orders over $26.

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