French Marigolds (yellow/red color mix)

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(Tagetes patula) A longtime favorite way to bring a splash of color to the garden while repelling pests too. Approx. 40 seeds per pack. Annual. Free shipping on orders over $26 or add "U.S. Shipping" to cart for orders less than $26. Natural Insecticide! “Secretions from the roots of growing plants have an insecticidal effect on the soil, effective against nematodes and to some extent against keeled slugs. These secretions are produced about 3 - 4 months after sowing. The whole plant contains substances that are toxic to cockroaches. The growing plant repels whitefly and can be grown near tomatoes to keep that crop free of the insect. “( data)

HOW TO GROW: Start indoors and transplant outdoors after all danger of frost, or start directly outdoors after all danger of frost. Light rake seeds into soil and keep moist to germinate.

THE SEEDRENAISSANCE.COM GUARANTEE: Every seed I sell is guaranteed pure, NEVER hybrid, GMO, patented, or corporate owned. Our food supply MUST remain in the public domain. Join me in creating a renaissance in our backyard gardens :)


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