Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact

You can email us at

How do I know my transaction will be safe?

Our online shopping cart and security technology ensures the safest and most reliable checkout experience for our customers.

Why does the website change to

Because is the company that hosts the shopping cart server, making it possible to shop online. 

What kind of seeds do you offer?

All seed guaranteed pure. As often as possible, the seed we sell is grown on our property. When it is not grown on our property, it comes from trusted growers.

All seed is open pollinated heirlooms (NEVER hybrid, NEVER genetically modified seeds!)

All photos were taken in my garden! I only offer vegetable varieties that I have trialed and tested. If I don't love the vegetable, we don't sell it. MOST seed varieites don't make the cut. For example, I just finished a winter trail of 20 varieties of peas. Out of those 20, I will be selling the top three only. 

How many seeds are in each packet?

Because every packet is filled by hand, there is some variation. Below is a general guide. Please note that the seed count for rare varieties will be lower than the estimate below. We try to put the seed count for rare varieties in the seed description (Mormon Winter Pumpkins, for example, come eight seeds to a pack. Winter Green Jewel Romaine Lettuce comes 50-70 seeds per pack):
Corn: about 50 seeds per pack
Lettuce: 150-200 seeds per pack
Melons: about 25 seeds per pack
Beets: 50-70 seeds per pack
Beans: 30-40 seeds per pack

Summer Squash: 25-35 seeds per pack
Winter Squash/ Pumpkins: 25-35 seeds per pack
Coneflower: 40-50 seeds per pack
Turnips: 100-150 seeds per pack
Greens: 40-60 seeds per pack
Tomatoes: 25 seeds per pack
Peas: 40-50 seeds per pack
Carrots: 50 seeds per pack
Spinach: 40-50 seeds per pack
Radishes: 40-50 seeds per pack

Will these seeds grow in north Canada? Alaska?

The seeds marked as winter varieties are your best bet for short season growing, and are proven to thrive in cold frames and hot beds to extend the season with no artificial heat or electricity. (For winter gardening directions, see my book, Backyard Winter Gardening. My growing season is 92 days and we live at 5,000 feet. Test them in your garden and let us know! We are particularly interested in seeing your photos of your cold frame gardens, hot bed gardens, and winter gardens. Please share your photos with our customers by emailing them to me at!

Will these seeds grow in Florida? The Midwest? East Coast? West Coast?

Yes! Over the past several years we have sold seeds to customers in all 50 states and all over Canada, and we have heard positive results! Try them out and let us know your results!

Do you accept checks?

To pay by check, please email Caleb at

What is your refund or exchange policy?

All sales are final.


We warrant the seeds as labeled on this website. Our liability on this warranty is limited in amount to the purchase price of the seeds. We make no other or further warranty. No liability shall be hereunder shall be enforceable unless the buyer or user reports to the seller within a reasonable period (not to exceed 30 days) after discovery of any condition that might lead to a complaint. The company disclaims any and all liability of any kind or nature whatsoever, direct, contingent, or otherwise, from infestation of this seed an dwether the same be infested with fungal, bacterial, viral, or any other diseases or infestations, known or unknown, adn whether the same be seedborne, seed carried, subject to treatment or not subject to treatment. 

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