Spring Planting Special 2021 (27 seed packs) + FREE SHIPPING

SKU: $40.00

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the seeds in the original offer have sold out so we will be making substitutions of our choice to the list below. The special includes 27 full-sized packages of heirloom seeds, and a special gold foil long-term seed storage container, and instructions, and FREE shipping for just $40. All seeds grown without chemicals. First-come, first-serve. The full list of included seeds is below. (Please note that seed credits from property or greenhouse consultations may not be applied to the Special.)

Spring Planting Special

Bean Fava Sweet Lorane

Beets Dark Red (two packs)

Broccoli Di Cicco

Cabbage Napa

Cabbage Red Acre

Carrot Scarlet Nantes

Carrot Tender Sweet

Celery Lovage

Lettuce Buttercrunch (two packs)

Onion Red Sweet Storage

Onion White Bunching

Onion Yellow Sweet Storage

Parsley Giant of Italy

Peas Sugar Daddy

Radish French Breakfast (two packs)

Salad Greens Arugula Apollo

Salad Greens Mizuna

Salad Greens Osaka Purple Mustard

Salad Greens Texsel

Spinach Bloomsdale (two packs)

Swiss Chard Bright Lights

Tomato Amish Paste

Turnip Purple Top


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