Cucumber Homemade Pickles

SKU: $2.00
An heirloom cucumber made for fresh eating, and crisp homemade pickles! Green, very early at 70 days, straight, sweet, prolific. Free shipping on orders over $26.

HOW TO GROW: Plant directly in the garden after all danger of frost. Space plants 12 inches apart. Harvest cucumbers when they are young (5-7 inches long) for best flavor. Approx. 12 seeds per pack. Annual. Free shipping on orders over $26 or add "U.S. Shipping" to cart for orders less than $26.

NUTRITION INFO: Cucumbers content 2% of the recommended daily value (DV%) of potassium, 1% dietary fiber, 1% vitamin A, 2% vitamin C, and 1% magnesium (USDA data).


THE SEEDRENAISSANCE.COM GUARANTEE: Every seed I sell is guaranteed pure, NEVER hybrid, GMO, patented, or corporate owned. Our food supply MUST remain in the public domain. Join me in creating a renaissance in our backyard gardens :)


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