Soapwort flower (makes herbal soap)

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Soapwort (used for making homemade soap) (Saponaria officinalis) Perennial and very cold hardy. Very old herb that has been used to make soap since before the time of Christ. Flowers, roots, stems and leaves are used to make liquid soap. Beautiful pink and white flowers. Approx. 15 seeds per pack. Sun to part shade. Likes moist soil. Barely cover seed and keep warm until germination. Two- to 3-feet tall in full flower. Will spread if given regular water, so you may want to plant in pots or inside a border. Soapwort is taken internally for inflammation of mucous membranes in the upper and lower respiratory tract. Externally, soapwort is used as a remedy for poison ivy, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and boils. In manufacturing, soapwort is used as an ingredient in soaps, herbal shampoos, and detergents. It is used as a foaming agent in beer. (medical usage data: Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database; 30 seeds per pack. 100% natural, grown without chemicals seed. Free shipping on orders over $32.



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