Caleb Warnock's Guaranteed Edible Weedkiller Recipe (download after purchase)

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My weedkiller:

- Is entirely edible. The recipe doubles as a super-healthy salad dressing, which is how I would suggest you eat it. There is no salt in the weedkiller.

- Is THE CHEAPEST weed killer on earth because you only pay for the recipe once ($29) and you get to use it for the rest of your life. If you have been using store-bought weed killers, you will save thousands of dollars by switching to my guaranteed recipe!

- The recipe kills ALL WEEDS in one application when applied as directed. No need to email me to ask about a certain weed. The answer is yes, this recipe will kill your weed.

- My recipe is guaranteed safe for pets, bees and insects so long as you don’t apply it directly on them.

- My recipe is safe and even beneficial for garden soil.

- This recipe is safe for use around children, and safe for the person applying the weedkiller (except that you could hurt your eyes if you got it directly in your eyes. Do not get the formula in your eyes. If you have an open cut or wound, the recipe will sting you if you get the weed killer in the wound.)

- Where I live, the ingredients, when purchased at a grocery store, cost about $3 per gallon to make at home.

- My recipe is all natural and can be 100 percent organic, depending on the quality of ingredients you choose. It is possible to grow or make at home every single ingredient in this recipe.

- Like all commercial weedkillers, my recipe works best when weeds are young. It will kill weeds of any age, but it will take more time, effort, and a larger amount of the formula to kill older, larger weeds. I strongly suggest you begin applying this weedkiller recipe as soon as weeds begin to appear in March, April, and May. It is much easier and faster to kill small weeds than to take the time to eradicate mature weeds.

- The weedkiller takes less than five minutes to make. You will need a blender.

- To apply the weedkiller, you will need one of two inexpensive tools, costing about $5. You will be able to use these tools over and over again, and you likely already have these tools.

- My weedkiller recipe will also kill vegetables, flowers and shrubs if applied directly on them. Apply only to plants you wish to kill. This weedkiller will also kill insects if applied directly on them. This recipe may kill trees and berry bushes. I haven’t tried it on trees.

My recipe is guaranteed to work with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Money back must be requested within 30 days of purchase date via email to Money-back requests made after 30 days will be denied.

This recipe is available for purchase only at

By purchasing this recipe, you have agreed to the following:“By purchasing this recipe, I hereby agree never to publish or make public the recipe for Caleb Warnock’s Guaranteed Edible Weed Killer in any way, by any medium including but not limited to verbally sharing the recipe or distributing the recipe via electronic and/or print media, including to family and friends who do not live in my immediate household. I agree to the above stated terms even if I request and receive my money back, or even if I request but do not receive my money back. I agree that, should I request and receive my money back, I will never again use the recipe, nor publish it or make it public in any form.”

Enjoy! Let’s create a renaissance of health, happiness, and self-reliance in our backyards to benefit our health and well-being, for us, the kids, and grandkids! If you need seeds, please visit -Caleb :)

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