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Prophecies Converging in Our Times

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The focus is on prophecies that are converging in our present times. These include the prophecy of the Last Pope in a line of 112 – Pope Francis being the 112th! Includes Nostradamus’ timing and his vision of three Antichrists, two of which have already appeared and gone – who may be the third and final one? Also included are the Messages from Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and how she points to a rapidly approaching transition into a new era when only the pure of heart may incarnate! Surprisingly, the Great Pyramid secretly contains an ancient Egyptian timeline that points directly to the year 2038 as the end of an era. There is a long-forgotten legend about Seven Ages of Humanity, and it indicates that we are presently in the Sixth Age, only one more before all Humanity changes. Included are physical changes to our planet affecting all life – changes that even scientists are now alerting us to. There are prophecies found in the Bible that speak directly to our times. And since the author is the Director of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, he includes amazing visions from this famous seer that address events facing us today and in the near future. If you want to be informed, prepared, and ready for these converging changes, this is your guide.
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