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Passage in Consciousness

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The contents of this book assumes that we are celestial, spiritual beings temporarily sojourning as terrestrial, physical beings. It assumes that during this incarnation we may bridge these two realities, these two aspects of ourselves, and thereby enliven our bodies and enlighten our immortal minds in such a manner as to become healthier, happier people who are a blessing to others and make this world a better place for us having sojourned here. It assumes that dreaming sleep and regular meditation are required practices for us to achieve this breakthrough. Just as we know that good hygiene, proper nourishment, and physical exercise are important for our bodies, so are mental and spiritual exercises and nourishment important to our souls. Within us is the life force and deeper levels of consciousness which need attention and expression. "So may an individual effect a healing through meditation, through attuning not just a side of the mind or a portion of the body but the WHOLE, to that at-oneness with the spiritual forces within, the gift of the life-force within EACH body. Each individual body must bring its own creative force in balance." –Edgar Cayce
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