John Van Auken

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A Broader View of Jesus Christ

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In his easy-reading manner Van Auken takes us through a wide-ranging story that begins with the people and times of King David and follows the history leading to the Essene community whose members had prepared themselves for the incarnation of the Messiah. It takes us through the lost years of young Jesus, from the time he was 12 until his ministry began around 30 years of age, using ancient texts from Tibet and India as well as sources from the Hindu Akashic Records and the Book of Life or Book of Remembrance. A much expanded story of the Magi takes young Jesus on a long journey and distant training. Then the ministry life and teachings of Jesus are covered flowingly, including the early years of the struggling followers. From here we go through the crushing weight of Roman domination after the Resurrection and the forced migration to Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) and the 7 early churches as recorded in the Revelation. Ultimately we journey through the rise of Christianity in Constantinople and Eastern Europe then over to Western Europe. The story includes information from the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes, the Nag Hammadi Scrolls of the Gnostics, the Life of Jesus ("Issa" as he was called in Tibet), the Inquisition, the Protestant Reformation, and eventually the Catholic Reformation and Ecumenism. There’s even a chapter with the history of Islam and the Ishmaelite Arab children of Abraham. Van Auken also takes us into the mystical origins and lore of Jesus Christ as a bridge to spiritual life in heavenly realms beyond this life, this world.
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