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Hidden Teachings of Jesus

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Over two thousand years ago the apostle John wrote in his Gospel that Jesus made many "dark sayings," teachings with hidden meanings (John 16:25). Van Auken has made a study of these hidden teachings and, along with some fascinating insights from other sources, has compiled and explain them in this surprising book that reaches beyond Christianity to a new, more universal Christ. This intriguing book explains such concepts as our godly nature, our innate knowledge of heaven, the nature of our soul, the surprising correlation with ancient mystical teachings, the life force within us and how to raise it, maps of heaven and consciousness, and the deeper purpose for this incarnate life and physical body. In the second section of this book we find principles and practices for soul growth, real tools for making the most of our lives and the lives of those around us. Van Auken has an easy-reading style and a remarkable ability to integrate Jesus’ teachings with concepts from other religions and philosophies, making this book a rich, rewarding read.
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