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Reincarnation and Karma

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This is a fast-reading, far-reaching look into the strange concept of our soul’s life, describing how our soul goes through a recurring cycle of incarnations bringing karma that affects us in a way often unseen, like a shadow over our personality’s life and relationships today. Van Auken explains how and why reincarnation occurs, where our past-life memories are stored, and how we may become aware of our soul and its karmic patterns. He explains soul mates, twin souls, soul groups, and reveals what our souls are doing when they are not incarnating! He revisits passages in the Bible about our origin and true nature, a nature that is not affected by the death of the physical body. Using sources from the Hindu Akashic Records and the Book of Life or Book of Remembrance, as well as Kabbalistic and Gnostic teachings, he gives us examples of how our soul sees life rather than our earthly self’s view. He uses Edgar Cayce’s discourses to add to our overall understanding of soul life versus personality life. Destiny, fate, and karma are explored as well. Then he has a series of chapters of meditation, dreams, living by ideals rather than allowing circumstances to direct our lives. There’s a fascinating chapter telling the lifetimes of one soul’s whole series of incarnations, and how each of them contributed who she is today and why specific people are in her life today. All in all, it is an interesting and compelling revelation about a life few of us are aware of but are apparently living at some level of our consciousness.
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