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10 Saddle Horse Bareback Attachment *ATTACHMENT ONLY* - Free shipping (with purchase of bag)

SKU: $45.00

Fits a 1000-1500 lb. horse, straps adjust according to measurements below:  

Back Strap  Short: 28” -Long: 51”
Anti Swing Strap Short: 32’ - Long: 62”
Breast Strap Short: 34” - Long: 67.5”
Neck Strap Short: 28” - Long: 49”
Belly Band

Short: 68" - 27“ velcro overlap - Long:  82”- 7” velcro overlap


Saddle Horse Bareback ATTACHMENT ONLY

With free shipping.
Attaches Bun Bag to a saddle horse that is bareback. (no harness or saddle)
Sursingle attachment.
Velcro Closures.
Anti Swing Straps.
Slide buckle adjustments.
Installation instructions and diagram included.