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Jerry Glynn Super Rare 1950 Oil Hardened 693 Driver.

MacGregor Tourney Jerry Glynn Oil Hardened 693 Driver. Circa 1949-1952, This is one of the most rare drivers to find in the entire MacGregor line up of Classics. To find an all original Tommy Armour 693 with the neck numbers intact is tremendous. To find a 693 with another Professionals name stamped on the crown is never seen. You only hear stories of these Hogan and Nelson 693’s and unless they have the original finish with the neck numbers then most likely they are a fake. This wonderful example has never been refinished and has the original neck numbers which most always begin with an “OS” before the numbers as these were always “Ordered Special”. No neck cracks and the original shaft and grip are in tact. A super addition to any collection.

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