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THE RISING SON RETURNS!!! This putter is back (In very limited numbers) for many reasons, but the main reason is it is now available in ARM ANCHOR. Originally available in Heel, now it is a double bend Center Shaft that sets up fantastic for the Arm Anchor design. Comes with our slightly over size 17” Pistol grip and our new Black and Red double magnetic cover along with 4 Tungsten weights for plenty of head feel. The long white sightline makes lining up those 5 footers easy. It rolls the ball so early and solid you will want all your friends to hit a putt with it. The radial face coupled with our super feeling HSM2 insert, is a combination that is impossible to beat. Milled in our facility in Florida from solid blocks of aircraft aluminum with 5 adjustable weights for custom fitting. The proper length can be determined by your height and you want to error on the short side as the length can't be too long and come too close to your elbow. The exact way to measure is to address the ball with a normal putter and take a ruler and see with the measurement is to where it is 2 inches shy of your elbow. (6'1"-6'3" /42"-43") (5'10"-6' /40"-41") (5'7"-5'9" /38"-39") (5'5"-5'6" /36"-37")

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