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MacGregor Tourney Eye-O-Matic M85W 5 Screw 1,2,3,4

The most famous MacGregor Oil Hardened woods from the early 1950's were the M-85W Eye-O-Matics, the 693's and the 945's with a deep faced driver. All the Tour Players used them in the 50’s through the 80’s and won every Tour event you can name multiple times. I could name some of the best players like Ray Floyd, Trevino, Couples, Crenshaw, Love, David Graham and so many more who have won all the Majors with these type M-85 drivers. With the Hourglass soleplate and MacGregor Eye O Matic Tourney stamped in them and the original neck numbers with no cracks. The Burgandy finish is still there. Super Rare all original in fantastic condition M-85TW 5 Screw Eye-O-Matic MacGregor 1,2,3,4 Woods. A good buy at this price to collect or to refinish to play.

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