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Awesome Rising Son

THE RISING SON This putter is back (In very limited numbers) for many reasons, Originally and still available in Heel, Center Shaft that sets up fantastic, now its available in right and left handed ASS KICKER. The long white sightline makes lining up those 5 footers easy. It rolls the ball so early and solid you will want all your friends to hit a putt with it. The radial face coupled with our super feeling HSM2 insert, is a combination that is impossible to beat. Milled in our facility in Florida from solid blocks of aircraft aluminum with 5 adjustable weights for custom fitting. High M.O.I. due to the length of the face, light weight aluminum body, and the 5 adjustable weights around the "MASS RING" to create a very wide sweet spot. You won't fall out of love with this beauty! Heel and Center is $425 and the ASS KICKER is an additional $85.00

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