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M-85TW 6 Screw Eye-O-Matic MacGregor 1,2,3,4 Woods

If you want to collect the most famous MacGregor Oil Hardened woods from the early 1950's then stop right here and be amazed at the fact that these can still be found in untouched original condition. These exacts woods were used to win all the Tour events from 1952 on to the late 1980's. I could name some of the best players like Ray Floyd, Trevino, Couples, Crenshaw, Love, David Graham and so many more who have won all the Majors with these type M-85 drivers. With the Hourglass soleplate and MacGregor Eye O Matic Tourney stamped in them along with "Oil Hardened" stamped in the wood above the plate and the original neck numbers with no cracks. The Burgandy finish is still in good shape. Super Rare all original in fantastic condition M-85TW 6 Screw Eye-O-Matic MacGregor 1,2,3,4 Woods with the Burgandy finish and neck numbers. A super rare set in this condition

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