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Amazing Shiloh Gamechanger

The Shiloh Gamechanger now has interchangeable necks to choose from. The “LS” (Long Slant, 5% Toe Hang), The “SS” (Short Slant 40% Toe Hang) and the “S” Bend (60% Toe Hang), and the Face Balanced Post. Milled in the USA from 303 Stainless and a special very durable Midnight Satin finish is now available at no extra charge. The Shiloh is my most popular blade and now available with any balance you need..When ordering in our website store please do note that we accept all credit cards but prefer Visa/Mastercard due to cost. Paypal is only our merchant service and you do not have to join paypal. Just keep clicking and at the end of the shopping cart you will be given a choice of which credit card you wish to use.

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