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Amazing Shiloh Wide Gamechanger /Choice of hosels (Made in USA)

The Shiloh Wide Gamechanger with the choice of 3 Diamond,Short Slant, Long Slant and Post (Face Balanced) hosel (Made in USA) and standard length (33-36”). This Wide flange Shiloh sets up so square it makes it easy to line up and keep square to the target. The HSM2 Mid Firm red insert is the best feeling and best rolling face in golf. This putter is completely machined from solid blocks of 303 stainless steel. This is one of a short run (10) prototypes of these so they won't be around very long. Includes Tour Shop headcover. When ordering in our website store please do note that we accept all credit cards but prefer Visa/Mastercard due to cost. Paypal is only our merchant service and you do not have to join paypal. Just keep clicking and at the end of the shopping cart you will be given a choice of which credit card you wish to use.

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