Most blood lab testing ordered through the BLT System must be done at a LabCorp facility.  LabCorp is one of the largest labs in the country (United States) and there are many locations around the country. 

Here is a link to the LabCorp website to search for the location closest to you:

Be sure to select "Routine Labwork" in your search to find the right location.

Special Note for New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island residents ONLY:  Due to unique laws in the states of New York, New Jersey and Rhode Isalnd . . . you cannot have blood drawn in your state when ordering your lab testing through a 3rd party service like the BLT System.  If you live in New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island and you order lab testing through the BLT System it is assumed that you are ordering while located in a different state (not in New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island) and that you are providing your lab samples in a different state (not New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island).  Labs samples can provided in any of the other states without restriction.

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