Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact BLT System?

You can call us at (763) 515-3405 or email us at [email protected].

How do the lab tests work if I order them online?  Where do I go for bloodwork and where are the results sent?

    1. When ordering lab testing through the BLT System you will simply select or "Add to Cart" any lab tests you are looking to have done.  Here is the direct link to the lab ordering website:
    2. After selecting all your lab tests you will go to a checkout page to complete your order with your contact info and payment information.
    3. When you submit your order online it can take up to 24 hours for your lab order to process through the lab (LabCorp) and then you will receive a secure email with a link to download your lab requisition.
    4. Once you receive your lab requisition you are then ready to go to a LabCorp patient facility to provide your samples for testing.  Here is the link to the BLT System page to find the closest LabCorp facility to you:
    5. After you provide your samples for lab testing it can take up to a full week for the lab to complete your testing, but this will depend on the testing you order . . . some lab results come back in as little as one day and others can take up to a week or a little longer.
    6. Then LabCorp will release your results to the BLT System when everything is complete and we will then send your lab results to you via secure email the same day we receive them from the lab.

Do I need some type of "doctor's orders" or doctor referral to order lab testing on the BLT System?

No.  You can order any lab testing anytime you want without the need of a doctor's referral or doctor's lab order.  Your order will go to the lab under the name of a doctor that is licensed to order lab testing in the state you are ordering from.  See the exceptions below for New York, New Jersey ane Rhode Island.

What are the limitations for ordering lab testing in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island?

While you can order lab testing through the BLT System from most states without any concerns . . . the exceptions are New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.  These 3 states have unusual laws that prevent you from using a lab requisition (lab orders) from a 3rd party service like the BLT System when going to the labs in those states.  If you are located in the states of New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island you can still order your lab testing through the BLT System lab ordering website, but it is with the understanding that you will not bring that lab requisition (lab orders) to a lab in those 3 states and that you will be travelling to any of the other states to provide your samples for testing.

How do I know my transaction will be safe?

Our online shopping cart and security technology ensures the safest and most reliable checkout experience for our customers.

What happens after I’ve placed my order?

After you submit your order for lab testing you will receive an email with your lab requisition (lab order) and your instructions for lab testing within 24 hours (often much less than 24 hours).  You will then need to go to a LabCorp patient service center to provide your blood samples.  Instructions for finding the nearest LabCorp facility will be in the instructions provided by email.  After providing your lab samples it can take up to a week for the lab to complete all of your testing and release your lab results.  Some lab tests are completed quicker, and occasionally there can be delays at the lab making it take longer than a week.  When the lab has completed your testing and released your resutls to the BLT Sytem we will send them to you via secure email ASAP and always within 24 hours to the email address you input in your lab order for where you want your results sent to.  If you are having your lab results sent to a health provider email address then you will need to contact them to get a copy of your lab results.

How are products delivered to me?

All lab requisitions, lab instructions, and lab results will be delivered by email via our secure and HIPAA compliant email service provider called "EnGuard".  All your information remains secure and private during the entire process.  If you are doing specialty testing (testing not being done by LabCorp - such as ZRT Labs or Genova Diagnostics) you test kit it will be shipped directly to your address.

How long is the lab requisiton good for before it expires?

When the lab requisitoin (lab order) is created it is good (or active) for a full 6 months before it will expire.

What is your refund or exchange policy?

If you order and pay for lab testing that is not completed . . . you can submit a request for a refund of the non-completed lab testing by email to [email protected] .  Note that the processing fee of $5, or $10 or $20 (depending on the cost of your lab testing) will NOT be refunded, but the full amount of the lab test items and the blood draw fee will be refunded to you by the lab.  It can take 10 - 14 days for your refund to process through the lab and see the fees back into your own account.

Can this lab testing be billed to my health insurance?

We do NOT do any billing to your health insurance for the lab testing you order.  When you pay for the lab testing through the BLT System you will always be paying out of pocket.  Many people will use a credit card connected to their Heathcare Savings Account (HSA) or to some type of Medical Spending Account.  You will receive a receipt or invoice by email showing that you've paid for this lab testing.  Some people will submit the cost of the lab testing to their own health insurance to have what they paid out of pocket subtract from their deductible, or to see if their insurance will cover some or all of this lower cost lab testing.

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