Cortisol - 4x saliva testing

SKU: CORT4X $105.00
The Diurnal Cortisol is tested through ZRT Laboratory. This a collection of 4 saliva samples and will test ONLYL cortisol. This is a test kit that will be shipped directly to your home address. DO NOT GO TO LABCORP FOR THIS TESTING.

Patients can conduct a saliva cortisol test to assess adrenal hormones. This involves collecting four non-invasive samples over the course of one day, from which ZRT is able to generate results with a diurnal cortisol curve. This four-point graph reveals cortisol levels throughout the day and allows health care providers to pinpoint issues with adrenal gland function.

Adrenal glands that are in balance produce adequate amounts of hormones to power us through the day. These hormones impact just about every process in the body, from energy production and immune activity to cellular maintenance and repair. They are key regulators of glucose, insulin and inflammation, and play a major role in bone and muscle building, mood and mental focus, stamina, sex drive and sleep cycles.

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