Please note LabCorp has been taking a little longer to complete lab results due to COVID19.

Easy Low-Cost Lab Test Ordering!

Welcome to the BLT System - Wholesale Blood Lab Testing Service online store. We encourage you to compare the cost of our lab tests with your local clinic or hospital, and any other lab testing services.  You will quickly see that our lab testing fees can be up to 90% less expensive than other options . . . with the greatest discounts usually found in our "Blood Lab Panels" category in the left column of this page.  Begin searching for the lab tests you would like to order by clicking a category on the left side of this page, or type the name of the lab test in the search bar above.  If you do not find a lab test you are looking for please contact us and it is likely we can add it to this website for you to order.

We understand that in the current times of high insurance deductibles, and poor insurance coverage or no insurance coverage, you want to get your lab testing done at the lowest possible cost.  When doing this lab testing through your local clinic or hospital it can be a very expensive process if your insurance deductible has not yet been met and you end up paying out of pocket for your lab testing.  That's why we have created the BLT System - Wholesale Blood Lab Testing Service. 

We are making available to you the lab testing you need at the low prices you want.  Most lab tests are shown at their lowest possible or wholesale pricing . . . with some of the lab tests costing less than 10% of what you might pay elsewhere.  We pass along these savings directly to you, and we only charge a small processing fee for this service.  This processing fee will appear as a separate charge on your credit card statement as a charge by "Healing Choices LLC" as the managing company for the BLT System.  Here is what the processing fee looks like:

Total cost of all lab tests ordered is $0 - $49.99 = $5.00 processing free
Total cost of all lab tests ordered is $50.00 - $99.99 = $10.00 processing fee
Total cost of all lab tests ordered is $100.00 or greater = $20.00 processing fee

All lab testing is completed by one of the largest laboratory companies in the United States called LabCorp.  You will need to go to a LabCorp blood draw facility in order to provide your blood samples.  Please note that blood draws cannot be performed in the states of New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island at this time.  You will have to travel to a nearby state to provide your blood samples.  Providing blood samples in all other states will be fine with no restrictions.  To search for the LabCorp facility nearest you click here:  LabCorp Facility Locator

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your lab paperwork and instructions by email before going to the lab to provide your samples.  Once you provide your samples to the lab it can take up to a full week before your lab results are completed and released by the lab and then sent to you or your health provider by secure email.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, or if you are looking for something specific.  Call us at (763) 515-3405 or email us at

Please note that depending on the lab testing you are ordering it can take up to a week (possibly a little longer with delays due to COVID) for LabCorp to complete your testing before they will release your lab results to then be sent to you.  You will want to factor that potential delay in receiving your lab results into the timing of any future appointments with your health provider.

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