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Quality Grips & Stocks Made in the USA

Take aim with high-quality, custom grips and stocks from BILL DAVIS ENTERPRISES. Based in Roseville, California, we ship nationwide.

Jack West-Designed Adjustable Stocks

We now have five choices of competition stocks available complete with all hardware and matching forends. Parts are not sold separately as they are precision fit for Remington 870, 1100, and 11-87 stocks only (old or new). All parts are available in black or our signature carbon fiber finish at no extra charge.

Our Collection

Stock #1

Stock #1—$249.95
• Fully Adjustable Youth Model
• 13" Length of Pull
 • 1" Thick LimbSaver recoil pad

• Fully adjustable cheek piece

12 gauge only

Stock #2

Stock #2—$249.95
• Fully Adjustable Comb Model
• Fully adjustable cheek piece
• 14.5" Length of Pull
• 1"thick Limbsaver recoil pad
• For Remington Models 870, 1100/ 11-87

12 gauge only

Available in Black Only

Stock #3

Stock #3 — $375.95
Fully Adjustable Comb Model
Recoil pad adjusts vertically
 Adjustable Length of Pull
(14" to 15")

• Rotational Butt Plate with

1" thick LimbSaver recoil Pad
• For Remington Models 870,1100/11-87 12 gauge only

Stock #5

Stock #4—$475.95

Pro-Combo Ultra
• The Ultimate Stock for All Shooting Venues
• Adjustable cheek piece
• Adjustable Recoil Tension
• Rotational Butt Plate with  1" thick LimbSaver recoil Pad. The plate the recoil pad is on, is able to adjust veritcally.
• Adjustable Length of Pull (14"to 15")
• For Remington Models 870, 1100/ 11-87

12 gauge only

Davis Custom GripDavis Custom Grip—$29.95
The Davis Custom Grip is a Smith and Wesson K&L frame for square butt that has been designed for shooters, by shooters. Each grip is made from Santoprene™, a unique material that's impervious to all known oils and solvents used in the firearms industry. The single finger groove accommodates placement without restricting the other fingers while the length accommodates prone and two-hand shooting. The palm swell is placed where it should be, and the angle of the grip is designed to line up the sights naturally without re-gripping. Two grip screws are used to avoid conflict with the mainspring.

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BILL DAVIS ENTERPRISES Adjustable Short Stock #1

SKU: $249.95

• Fully Adjustable Short Stock Model
• 13" Length of Pull
• 1" Thick LimbSaver recoil pad
• Fully adjustable cheek piece

BILL DAVIS ENTERPRISES Adjustable Stock #1 is a fully adjustable shotgun stock. The product enables precision shotgun firing performance that enhances the user's shooting accuracy by providing optimal stability. Stock #1 comes in Black and a fully adjustable cheek piece and limbsaver recoil pad. This stock offers a length of pull of 13" and is great for youth shooters. All stocks come complete with instructions, hardware and forend.
Category:Shotgun Stocks