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Taste of The South Gift Box

SKU: x1278 $149.99
A gourmet gift box overflowing with delicious seasonings and spices, sweet and savory biscuit mixes, Memphis-style BBQ rub, and more all inspired by Southern cuisine. This is the perfect gift to show someone just how much you care! Great for holidays or whenever you need to show appreciation to loved ones, friends, or employees. Free Shipping

1. Southern Cheesy Biscuit Mix (16oz) 02-7958
2. Italian Parmesan Biscuit Mix (16oz) 02-7999
3. Cinnamon Biscuit Mix (16oz) 02-7997
4. Cranberry Orange Biscuit Mix (16oz) 02-7998
5. Mild BBQ Seasoning (8oz) 02-1993
6. Sweet BBQ Seasoning (8oz) 01-2193
7. Gourmet Steak Seasoning (8oz) 02-2547
8. Garlic Butter Seasoning (8oz) 01-2117
9. Gourmet Chicken Seasoning (8oz) 02-2926
10. All Purpose Seasoning (8oz) 01-2602
11. Cajun Lemon Pepper Seasoning (8oz) 01-2719
12. Apple Bourbon BBQ Seasoning (8oz) 02-4114
13. Cheesy Garlic Grits (6oz) 02-8142
14. Jalapeno Cheddar Grits (6oz) 02-8140
15. Mexican Cornbread (16oz) 02-8071
16. Southern Cheesy Cornbread (16oz) 02-8070
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